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Some of you may have noticed that, as of the New Year, Gemini is no longer available for sale. This has hurt my heart more than you know, but I have a vision for the series that no longer fits with its current iteration. Your favorite space rapscallions will come back better than ever, and Uri and Shadi's story will start that new trend by becoming a full-length novel (the same trick I'm pulling with Ember's Secret and the rest of the Solstice Quartet). I am busy finding possible new homes for both series, which will have new content and new characters but the same stories you know and love.

But which one do you want to see first? Take the poll on the left to let me know! Do Uri and Shadi have your heart, or do you miss Ember and Austin more?

Let me know!

And if you're REALLY opinionated, tell me on Facebook or Twitter!

Bring me home!
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All of my books are available on your favorite e-reader and in print!

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